Most Beautiful Summer Trees In Michigan

The summer here in Michigan is truly known for its beauty. I mean, the state of Michigan has a whole campaign around the fact that our summers are objectively better than other states! You know, the Pure Michigan campaign. In our opinion, the biggest part of what makes Michigan summer so wonderful is nature. Whether you are an up-north vacationer or a Southeast stayer, there are trees all over that can be admired by those who live here and those who come to visit.

Some of the most beautiful trees in Michigan are flowering. These types of trees bring so much joy and color to the world around us, it is hard to not want more of them. So, if you are wondering which would best suit your needs, read along and see what a few of these Michigan trees have to offer.

Jacaranda Treejacaranda tree

This tree is tough to miss. Although not very large, standing at about three to four feet tall, it still is a striking sight to consume. By this point in the summer, the Jacaranda Tree is already covered in beautiful clusters of bright purple flowers. The color would remind someone of a purple Easter Egg. This tree blooms pretty early on, making it a great choice to plant in your yard, knowing that you will be able to enjoy it all summer. As an added bonus, when the seasons start to change and summer turns into autumn, the Jacaranda Tree will produce a yellowish color before shedding, giving your yard a whole new look.

The Crimson King Maple Tree

What a name! This tree lives up to the big-name though. At full growth, it stands at about 25 to 30 feet tall! Imagine having that in your backyard – it could be admired by all of your neighbors. And true to its name, The Crimson King Maple Tree is a deep crimson that almost looks like a brownish-purple in some areas which makes for a great addition to your aesthetic if you are looking for something striking to add to your home.

The Cold-Hardy Mimosa Tree

While the name itself is really cool, unfortunately, this isn’t the kind of mimosa we are used to having at brunch with our girlfriends. However, the Cold-Hardy Mimosa Tree is still a really great option to have when you are looking to add something to your yard. This tree has beautiful, wispy flowers that are white at the bottom but magenta pink at the top. This particular tree has more of a medium-sized build, standing at 20 to 25 feet tall at full growth. The height of trees is important to keep in mind when choosing what is right for you. For example, this tree is better off as an accent tree rather than a shade tree. If you are looking for some sort of shade over everything, a Crimson King Maple might be more appropriate for your needs.

Choose Alpine Tree and Lawn Care For Your Tree Care Needs!mimosa tree

The people of Michigan deserve a place they can turn to when their trees need some extra tender loving care. With the crazy weather that has been upon us this summer, the trees of our state might need more attention now than ever in previous years.

The experts at Alpine Tree and Lawn Care have the expertise and equipment to protect your trees and shrubs from all manner of pests and diseases. We off things like deep-root feedings and fungal sprays. See what our tree and shrub care program has to offer!

What is a good set of trees without the perfect lawn? Not much. That is why our team offers a little more when it comes to plant care – a lawn service program. With both your trees and your lawn looking as healthy as possible, you will love the way your home looks.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for your unique situation, give us a call! Our experts are standing by to speak to you! You can reach us at (586) 884-7799 or leave us a message online. Want to know more about tree care topics? You can check out our monthly blog here or like us on Facebook!

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