Identifying Common Tree Disease in Michigan

When you are a home or property owner, your trees are one of the focal points of your landscaping. They bring curbside appeal and some fun to your lawn while providing extra oxygen and shade for you and your family. In Michigan, there is never a lack of wooded areas or roadside trees to give our towns that nature-like feel.

But without keeping ourselves filled with the knowledge of how to care for healthy trees and sick trees, our beloved ornamental trees can easily become infected and even spread their diseases to other nearby trees or possibly die. To prevent this, we can read and understand all aspects of trees in Michigan and ensure we know the warning signs of the diseases. beech bark disease

Beech Bark Disease

This disease is actually initially thought to be caused by insects called Beech Scales, which is where it gets its name. As time progressed, arborists found that the actual cause of the disease is a fungus by the name of Nectria Ditissima that enters the tree after an infestation of Beech Scale insects. Once inside your tree’s trunk, this tree disease feeds on the bark of your trees and will create cracking throughout the trunk.

Oak Wilt

This disease affects, you guessed it, primarily oak trees. It’s documented in 24 U.S. states, including Michigan. This disease is also caused by a oak wiltfungus, which blocks any water or nutrients from reaching the tree. Due to this, the oak tree’s leaves will wilt, and it’s sometimes deadly to the tree. Oak Wilt usually occurs in the spring, so it’s important to keep your eye on any oaks in your yard for this disease when the Michigan spring begins to arrive.

Pine Needle Scale

Like Beech Bark disease, Pine Needle Scale is caused by white pine needle insects. This pest feeds on your pine tree, causing the pine needles to become yellow or brown in some areas, but its possible that the discoloration may take over the entire tree with a large infestation. While this disease tends to stay on one tree and is not likely fatal for the tree, it’s important to keep an eye on your pine trees to keep them healthy and alive for as long as possible.

Unsure If You Have a Diseased Tree? Call Alpine Tree and Lawn Care For Help!

Our team here at Alpine Tree and Lawn Care are experts at identifying and treating tree disease and leaf disease. If you suspect any tree or shrub disease, one of our highly trained arborists will assess your property and create a plan of action to save your tree. 

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