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Spring Bugs in Michigan

What are common spring bugs in Michigan? Spring has finally arrived in Michigan and it is time to get outside and start preparing your yard for the season. Spring pests are on the move. Bugs that entered your home in the fall will try to get back outside by heading toward windows and doors. However,… Read more »

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asian lady beetle on a stick

Neat Things You Never Knew About Asian Lady Beetles

Often mistaken for native ladybugs, Asian lady beetles are one of the most common overwintering insects invading our Michigan homes. Learn more about this neat bug – including how to distinguish it from ladybugs!

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tarantula on a rock

10 Fun Facts On The Bug Everyone Loves To Hate: Spiders

These eight-legged creatures are responsible for the most common phobia in the world: arachnaphobia. In short: spiders. While these creatures serve an important role in nature, finding them in our homes is frightening and unsettling. Still, they are one of nature’s most fascinating animals.

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Take Care Of Your Trees With These Michigan Fall Tree Care Tips

With winter right around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your yards for the cold months. At Alpine Tree and Lawn Care, we want our clients to be educated about problems that face Michigan yards. One of the most important things you need to do before winter arrives is to take care of your trees. It is our job to make sure your trees stay healthy and strong but there are things you, the homeowner, can do to protect your trees and save you money on expensive tree removal. 

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Cluster Fly

Michigan’s Five Most Annoying Fall Pests

As much as we don’t like to think about it, fall weather is just a month away. With the arrival of cooler temperatures, bugs will seek out our homes to stay warm for the winter. Here are a few you might spot starting next month.

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Most Beautiful Summer Trees In Michigan

The experts at Alpine Tree and Lawn Care have the expertise and equipment to protect your trees and shrubs from all manner of pests and diseases. We off things like deep-root feedings and fungal sprays. See what our tree and shrub care program has to offer! 

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The Creepiest Summer Bugs In Michigan

Michigan summers are gorgeous but they bring out some of the grossest bugs imaginable. Check out the creepiest bugs you’ll find during Michigan’s summer and how to keep them out of your home.

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