Neat Things You Never Knew About Asian Lady Beetles

Chances are you’ve spotted the ladybug’s doppelganger, the Asian lady beetle, on windowsills, scuttling along the ceiling, or tapping against the storm door. Late fall/early winter is when these adorable but annoying bugs look for places to overwinter – most often in our homes. They need to stay warm just like we do, and unfortunately, they like to invade our home en masse. Learn how to tell the difference between these invasive insects and the native ladybug, neat facts about this species, and how you can keep them out with perimeter pest control services.

Interesting Facts About Asian Lady Beetles

1. They’re Often Mistaken For Ladybugs

They’re similar in size, shape, and coloring, but there are ways to differentiate between invasive lady beetles and native ladybugs. One big difference is that ladybugs prefer to stay outdoors. So chances are if you’ve seen what you thought was a ladybug in your home, the actual culprit is likely to be a lady beetle. Also, if you look closer, ladybugs are a true red, while lady beetles have a range of shades from orange to red. They also have an “M” shape on their heads.

2. Lady Beetles Are Invasive

Originally native to East Asia, lady beetles are now commonplace in North America. They were brought here intentionally to help control aphid populations – something ladybugs do just as well. Unfortunately, they have become a pest just as troublesome as the aphids they were brought here to eradicate.

3. Lady Beetles Are Longer

Native ladybugs tend to be rounder, while lady beetles have a slightly oblong shape if you look closely.

4. Lady Beetles Are Cheeky

Ladybugs may have a few white spots if you look at their heads, but their heads are primarily black. Lady beetles have prominent white patches on what we would consider their cheeks.

5. Lady Beetles Are Bad For Dogs

Lady beetles can cause gastrointestinal problems for pets who ingest them. And while it’s rarely fatal, it can certainly land you a costly vet bill. Even if the bugs aren’t digested, they can still harm your dogs. While this is very rare, if your dog got a lady beetle in its mouth but didn’t swallow it, the bug can latch on to the fleshy parts of your dog’s mouth, requiring it to be extracted by a vet. This is why if you notice a swarm of lady beetles, it’s not a bad idea to call a pest control company. While the worst-case scenario is rare, there’s no need to expose your pets to potentially dangerous situations.

6. Lady Beetles Are Sneaky

As mentioned previously, ladybugs don’t like to be indoors. They’re happy with staying outside. On the other hand, Lady beetles will take advantage of any nook or cranny available to them. They’re attracted to light, which is why you’re more likely to find them in the southern part of your home, or whatever room gets the most light.

7. Lady Beetles Bite

If you try to handle one, or they land on you of their own accord, they can bite you, which feels like a needle prick. Fortunately, there is no venom, so you won’t need to visit the urgent care for that bite. Unfortunately, that’s not their only defense mechanism. When threatened or squished, Asian lady beetles release an odorous substance that can trigger allergic reactions in some people, which could land you in urgent care or emergency room, depending on how allergic you are. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, that odorous chemical is yellow and will stain surfaces. Now you can see why this bug may look cute, but it’s anything but in reality.

How To Get Rid Of Asian Lady Beetles

Because they’re so small, sealing every gap near the door, window, screen, or foundation can be challenging and time-consuming. It’s easier to use perimeter pest control services. Alpine Tree And Lawn Care offers this service as a stand-alone treatment, or we can add it to your existing lawn maintenance plan. Our high-quality products will reach into those nooks and crannies to make sure that any lady beetle that tries to come in won’t last long. If you have an infestation currently, the best way to ensure you and your pets are safe is to vacuum them up. They might release their stinky residue, so be careful not to accidentally squish them when sucking them up. This is not a permanent solution, however. The only way to guarantee they won’t come knocking is to get perimeter pest control.

Keep Lady Beetles Out – Find Perimeter Pest Control Services Near Sterling Heights

As cute as ladybugs and Asian lady beetles may be, they belong outside in the garden – not in our homes. Keep both bugs, as well as a slew of other crawling insects, out of your home with perimeter pest control services from Alpine Tree and Lawn Care. We’ll create a protective barrier around the exterior of your home that kills unwanted bugs from coming inside to shelter over winter. Schedule your pest control application today! Call (586) 884-7799 or leave us a message online. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer questions and address any concerns you may have.

If you’d like to learn more about keeping your home pest-free and your lawn and trees looking fabulous, be sure to visit our blog page for tips and tricks.

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