Perimeter Pest Control

While it may be hard to control the insects outside, you can still prevent them from getting inside. Our 5-step application program helps provide an invisible shield around your house to keep annoying pests outside where they belong.

Perimeter Pest Control in Michigan

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At Alpine Tree and Lawn Care, our certified pest control technicians use hydraulic sprayers to apply our perimeter pest control around your home for better protection and lasting results. We don’t just treat the foundation – our exterminators also spray around gutters and eavestroughs to protect your home against:

• Spiders
• Ants
• Cockroaches
• Fleas
• Centipedes
• Ticks
• Earwigs

Winter Pest Protection

Pests can be a problem all summer, but in the fall is when they can really become an issue. As the weather cools, insects like ladybugs, Asian beetles, box elder bugs, and stink bugs begin to look for warm places to spend the winter. You can usually see them congregating around the outside of your house on windows and doors. If your home is not completely sealed off all cracks, they can and will find their way inside where they can hide in your walls until spring arrives. This is where our perimeter pest control becomes a necessity.

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Are you tired of sharing your home with annoying insects? Call the exterminators at Alpine Tree and Lawn Care, and we will turn your home into a fortress against invading insects.

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We Provide Perimeter Pest Control For These Cities and More

Sterling Heights

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Clinton Township

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