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Alpine Tree and Lawn is dedicated to serving our community and surrounding areas of south-east Michigan.

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We want the members of our community to be educated about the problems that face Michigan trees. No matter if you are a residential or commercial landowner, these tips can help you spot tree destroying diseases early so you can call us and get it taken care of before too much damage is done.


Anthracnose is a common disease found in cool and moist environments. It appears as water-soaked spots on stems, leaves, and fruit. It can attack any type of tree but mostly affects ash, maple, dogwood, oak, and sycamore trees. As with most tree diseases, prevention is much easier than curing it. You can prevent anthracnose by making sure your trees stay strong and healthy with proper fertilizing and watering.

Apple Scab

Apple scab is a disease affecting apples and ornamental crabapples. Apple scab forms a pale yellow or olive-green spot on the top of the leaves. The leaves become twisted, die, and may shed in early summer.

Black Knot

Black knot mainly affects plum, cherry, apricot, and peach trees. This disease presents itself as hard black balls found on the stems and branches of the trees. When you see them on your trees, trim the affected branch above the infected area and dispose of it properly.

Leaf Spot

Leaf spots are usually brown, tan, or black. Leaves infected with leaf spot will yellow, wilt, and eventually drop prematurely. Infected foliage can infect other plants if not disposed of properly.

Needle Blight

Needle blight is a blanket term for many diseases that can affect over 35 species of pine tree. The early signs of needle blight are defoliation from the inside out, stunting, and eventually death if left untreated for several years.


Rust is a common fungal disease that can affect trees and lawns. Signs that you may have rust are yellow or white spots showing up on the upper leaves of a plant and reddish to orange bumps on the underside of the leaves. This disease is easily spread by wind, rain, or any contact which can release spores into the air and infect surrounding plants.

Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is a deadly disease that is currently spreading throughout Michigan that kills white and red oaks. It’s caused by a fungus that is transported on beetles that feed on sap. The fungus disrupts the vascular system of the tree, making it difficult for water to be transported up to the canopy. Eventually, the leaves will wilt from the top down and defoliate. A mature oak can be killed from oak wilt in three weeks.

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The professionals at Alpine Tree and Lawn are experts in treating and preventing many tree diseases. We offer tree injections, pest control programs, and deep root feeding to ensure your trees stay strong and healthy so they can fight off damaging diseases. If you notice any of your trees exhibiting signs of disease, don’t hesitate to call Alpine Tree and Lawn.

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Some of the Services We Provide in Sterling Heights

Lawn Care

At Alpine Tree and Lawn Care we have over twenty-five years of experience, caring for Michigan lawns. We have the skills and expertise to revamp and rejuvenate your yard so that it will be the star of the neighborhood.

Perimeter Pest Control Services

While it may be hard to control the insects outside, you can still prevent them from getting inside. Our 5-step application program helps provide an invisible shield around your house to keep annoying pests outside where they belong.

Tree & Shrub Care

Alpine Tree and Lawn Care is a professional tree and lawn care business that strives to provide the best quality and best-priced lawn care in south-east Michigan. We have twenty-five years of experience dealing with Michigan yards.

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