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Lawn Care Services in Sterling Heights

 When it comes to lawn care in Sterling Heights, you can’t always rely on the seasons to work in your favor. However, you can rely on Alpine Tree & Lawn Care to deliver services that keep your yard turning heads throughout the year.

 We’ve provided Sterling Heights with expert lawn care and pest control services since 1993. We have the expertise needed to fix the common lawn issues in Sterling Heights and deliver the lawn you’ve always wanted. 

Our Services Include:

  • Lawn Care – Lawn care programs, core aeration, and lawn fertilization.
  • Tree and Shrub Care – Tree care program, leaf disease treatment, and tree injections.
  • Perimeter Pest Control – 5-step application program, winter protection, and grub control.

We’re not shy about sharing our knowledge with you so that you can continue lawn maintenance with confidence. With every service, we equip you with information and tips you need to keep your lawn looking its best all year! Give us a call and we’ll keep your lawn strong year-round.

Lawn Care in Sterling Heights

It’s hard to keep up with lawn care, even in states that don’t shift from 60 degrees one day to 85 the next. Our 6-step Lawn Care Program has been a customer favorite for decades. Deliberately timed fertilization and weed control treatments applied by our licensed technicians throughout the year eliminate the burden of guessing when to treat certain weeds and what type of fertilizer benefits your lawn most.

In addition to our 6-step Lawn Care Program, we offer core aeration, which opens your soil to receive water and nutrients critical to grass growth, and an all-encompassing Premium Lawn Care Program. By combining certified expertise with first-hand knowledge of diseases that infect Michigan lawns, we provide customized treatments to your specific problems.

Tree and Shrub Care in Sterling Heights

Trees, shrubs, and ornamentals do wonders for your landscape, but untamed and disease-ridden greenery brings your curb appeal down to zero. Our Tree and Shrub Care Program enhances both the look and resilience of your lawn’s leading characters. Treatments begin in spring and run through fall, focusing on defending against damaging insects that trees and shrubs are prone to during a given season.

Our Leaf Disease Treatment Programs are essential to your tree and shrub care needs. Whether your plants are currently suffering or you want to prevent a spread, you can count on a successful outcome with our strategic treatment timing and our high-quality products:

  • Deep-root fertilizer – Slow-release fertilizer containing macro- and micronutrients strengthens roots and promotes canopy growth.
  • Tree injections – Targeted application to eradicate tree-attacking insects and deliver rapid results.

Perimeter Pest Control in Sterling Heights

Our Perimeter Pest Control services ensure pests stay out of your home by spraying an invisible barrier around the perimeter of your property and target areas, such as gutters and window sills. Five applications administered by a certified pest control technician guarantee the absence of common home invaders like:

  • Earwigs.
  • Spiders.
  • Centipedes.
  • Ants.
  • Cockroaches.

Bugs, insects, and other invasive pests don’t give Michiganders a break—you battle them during the warm months only to unintentionally shelter them in the winter. You don’t need to worry about that with our winter pest protection. This pest control treatment keeps bugs from seeking shelter in your house during the cold months. Don’t put up with creepy, crawly bugs and insects in your abode.

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The professionals at Alpine Tree and Lawn are experts in treating and preventing many tree diseases. We offer tree injections, pest control programs, and deep root feeding to ensure your trees stay strong and healthy so they can fight off damaging diseases. If you notice any of your trees exhibiting signs of disease, don’t hesitate to call Alpine Tree and Lawn.

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Some of the Services We Provide in Sterling Heights

Lawn Care

At Alpine Tree and Lawn Care we have over twenty-five years of experience, caring for Michigan lawns. We have the skills and expertise to revamp and rejuvenate your yard so that it will be the star of the neighborhood.

Perimeter Pest Control

While it may be hard to control the insects outside, you can still prevent them from getting inside. Our 5-step application program helps provide an invisible shield around your house to keep annoying pests outside where they belong.

Tree & Shrub Care

Alpine Tree and Lawn Care is a professional tree and lawn care business that strives to provide the best quality and best-priced lawn care in south-east Michigan. We have twenty-five years of experience dealing with Michigan yards.

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