Tree & Shrub Care

Alpine Tree and Lawn is your one-stop-shop for all your tree and lawn care needs. We offer programs for trees and shrubs as well as programs to enhance the strength and resilience of your trees.

Tree Care

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Spring Dormant Oil
Premium horticultural oil is applied to the trees and shrubs to control scale and insect egg masses before damage occurs.

Late Spring Treatment
This treatment is applied to all trees and shrubs as needed to the new foliage to reduce insect or mite damage.

Early Summer Treatment
This treatment will control aphids, mites, scale, inchworms, tent caterpillars, mealybugs, and other leaf and twig damaging insects.

Mid-Summer Treatment
Continual protection from insects that attack trees & shrubs (Japanese beetles, Magnolia scale, mites, caterpillars).

Late Summer Treatment
Continued protection from insects that feed on your trees & shrubs. Help reduce insect populations before they lay eggs and overwinter for next spring.

Leaf Disease Treatment

We have a very effective leaf disease program to control leaf diseases that damage your trees. We use only the best products and utilize proper timing of the application for complete effectiveness.

Deep Root Fertilization for Trees & Shrubs

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We use a quality slow release fertilizer that contains macronutrients and micronutrients that are essential for root and canopy growth.

Tree Injections

We offer systemic tree injections to control difficult and devastating insects that attack your valuable trees. Our injection system applies a controlled volume directly into the tree’s vascular system assuring consistent dosing and rapid results.

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At Alpine Tree and Lawn, we want the members of our community to be educated about the problems that face Michigan trees. No matter if you are a residential or commercial landowner, these tips can help you spot tree destroying diseases early so you can call us and get it taken care of before too much damage is done.

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