oak wilt

What’s Eating My Tree: Spring Tree Diseases To Watch Out For

There are quite a few pests out there that love to eat our Michigan trees. Some of them are incredibly small and you might not even realize you’ve got a problem til your tree begins to drop leaves. Learn how to identify common tree pests and diseases we see in Michigan.

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flowering tree in spring

How Lawn Aeration and Overseeding Can Benefit Your Turf This Spring

There are a few different things that you can do to prepare your turf for the winter. Things like dormant seeding and pre-winter fertilizer. But with these tough winters, there is no telling what shape your lawn will be in come spring. Keep reading along to learn about what winter can do to your turf and how spring aeration and overseeding can help revive it. 

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new grass from seeds

Best Types of Grass Seed For Michigan Lawns

Whether you’re thinking of seeding the entire lawn or simply repairing bare spots, there are several varieties of cool-season grasses that do well here in the Mitten. Discover how each grows and which one is best suited for your lawn!

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How to Choose the Best Mulch For Your Garden

Mulch is a great way to add nutrients to your garden and improve the look of your yard. Learn how to calculate mulch needed, choose the best type for your yard, and disperse it for maximum benefit.

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lawn aeration process being done on a lawn

Understanding Core Aeration

Soil compaction can prevent essential nutrients from getting to the roots of your lawn. Learn what soil compaction is, and identify the symptoms. Then invest in core aeration services with Alpine Tree and Lawn.

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