Prepare Your Trees to Withstand the Winter

Trees and shrubs flourish all year long due to the excellent care that homeowners give to them during the warm season. When the winter here in Michigan hits us, it is easy for property owners to get swept up by the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and completely forget about the needs of your trees and shrubs. Even if you are one of the few that happen to remember that your greenery still requires care during then cool-season, it may not necessarily be widely known what that care will be.

Protecting Your Trees and Shrubs

The ways Alpine Tree and Lawn Care protect and prepare your trees and shrubs for the winter are to follow a strict care regimen throughout the warm-season as well. These care steps will include dormant oil in the spring and pest protection throughout the entire summer. By focusing on pest protection during the warm season, pests and rodents are going to be less likely to be attracted to your greenery in the winter as well.

Know the Signstree branch cracking

It’s important to know how to protect your greenery from, but more importantly what you are protecting them from and how to identify those threats. By making yourself knowledgeable on the signs of cool-weather issues your trees will be much more likely to survive the winter.

Cold Stress

There is one major sign that your trees could be suffering from cold stress. That is when there is a major difference in temperature between daytime and night time. Here in Michigan, that weather pattern happens quite often. The way you would identify if this is affecting your trees specifically is to look out for larger cracks within your tree’s trunk.

Rodents and Pests

Whether it is a cute bunny rabbit or a pesky mouse, they will likely seek shelter and food within your trees and shrubs. It will be helpful for homeowners to know that they should look out for winter pests that affect your trees and shrubs such as bark that looks like it has been scratched up or chewed through.


When the cool air hits, branches can trunks can become dry just like skin can. Looking out for possible breaking branches or ones that have already been broken can help save your trees in the long run, and even can make your yard safer by ensuring no one is hurt when they fall. The reason the branches tend to break is that they become brittle and weak. These issues can affect basic tall trees and other greenery alike.

Ready to Prepare Your Trees and Shrubs for the Winter? Call Alpine Tree and Lawn Care Today!

The best way to prevent the negative effects of the cool-weather season on your greenery is to be sure you have the right people keeping up with your trees. Without tree care that lasts year-round, your trees and shrubs will not be able to last through the winter and come back flourishing in the spring and summer. Our 5-step tree and shrub care program will allow your landscape to stay preserved and healthy throughout the winter. You won’t want to miss out on this program, it will make your yard the talk of the block!

Get started on prevention now before it’s too late! Get into contact with the professionals that Alpine Tree and Lawn Care have to offer. Call us today at 586-884-7799 or contact us online here. Want to get to know us on a more personal level? Follow us on Facebook.

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