Michigan’s Five Most Annoying Fall Pests

After a long and scorching summer, Michiganders will soon feel the effects of fall: cool weather, apple orchards, corn mazes, and insect invasions. As temperatures get colder at night, certain insects are on the move, searching for a place to spend the winter. This process is called overwintering, and it’s an uncomfortable time for any homeowner who notices large numbers of insects hanging out on the side of their house. Here’s a list of 5 annoying bugs that will try to get in your home this year.

Asian Lady BeetleAsian lady bug

Slightly larger and lighter in color than our native ladybugs, the Asian lady beetle was introduced to the U.S. by the Department of Agriculture to combat pests such as aphids. During warm, sunny days in October, they begin to congregate outside houses and other buildings, searching for overwintering sites. It’s not uncommon to find thousands of them in attics and walls. Once inside your house, they will continue to stay active due to the warmth. Killing them produces a foul order, so it’s best to prevent them from getting in. Caulk small openings around the windows and eaves of your house and make sure your screens are intact. As autumn approaches, the adult beetles leave their summer feeding grounds for places to spend the winter – oftentimes, our homes fit the bill. Swarms will begin to invade buildings starting next month in September. They are attracted to lights, so you’ll often find them in the southern part of homes where they get the most light – especially in the afternoon. You may also notice them near lamps or light fixtures. They also like warmer areas like attics and can generally use any crack or gap in a window, doorframe, basement, attic, or crawlspace to find their way in.

Box Elder Bugs

During the fall, it’s not uncommon in Michigan to experience fluctuating temperatures. When the nights are cold and days are warm, the box elder bugs leave the trees they are named for in search of places to spend the winter. They’re harmless, but they’re considered a nuisance pest because they invade in such large numbers. Pay special attention to windows and doors that face west as they enjoy congregating in warm sunny places.

Cluster Flies

Are you seeing a lot of fly activity in your home this fall? Do you wonder where all these flies are coming from? These aren’t the common houseflies we’re used to swatting in the summer. Cluster flies become active in the fall and can be found sunning themselves on the sides of buildings, and unless your house is sealed up tight, these little buggers will find a way in. You won’t know they are even in your house until they start to re-emerge during the winter, making it seem like they are breeding. Cluster flies are a little larger than a housefly and fly much more sluggish, making them easier to swat.

Stink BugStink bug

These bugs are prevalent and infamous in Michigan. Around this time of year, they gather outside your house looking for overwintering sites. They feed on vegetables and fruits, and you might find a bunch of them under your squashes and pumpkins in your garden. They are harmless, but the famous odor they emit when squashed is not easy to get rid of.

Western Conifer Seed Bug

Looking like a slimmer version of the stink bug, the western conifer seed bug spends the summer on evergreen trees feeding on pinecones. This is another overwintering bug that will gather outside your house in large numbers in the fall, looking for a place to stay warm. They are harmless and do not reproduce during the winter.

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