The Creepiest Summer Bugs In Michigan

Many Michiganders love the idea of summer but dread all the creepy crawlies that come with it. Thankfully, there’s a solution to the bug question. Part of the lawn care service offerings at Alpine Tree and Lawn Care include perimeter pest control. We’ll create a protective barrier around your home, and any bugs that try to cross it won’t last long.


The Great Lakes State is home to many species of arachnids, but the one you’ll find most often is the run-of-the-mill house spider. They can bite, and these bites can cause itching and swelling but don’t worry, but it’s extremely rare. Unless you go out of your way to mess with one, you’ll be fine. They are more afraid of you than you are of them. Believe it or not, they are incredibly shy and are extremely fast at running under furniture or out of sight if you get too close. Despite their docile nature, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want them in your home. They are creepy-looking, and they build webs that collect dust and give our homes an unkempt appearance.


Fortunately, Michigan does not have to contend with some of the larger, more terrifying centipedes that states like Texas have. We have the regular ole house centipede. They like to congregate in attics, basements, crawlspace, or other areas where they can skitter away quickly. Like the house spider, the house centipede may bite but only if you intentionally handle one or accidentally step on one. They actually prey on spiders, and so these two will duke it out in your home if you don’t eradicate them with perimeter pest control. They’ll reach up to two inches in length and appear brownish or tan in color. And they’re speedy.


Despite the old wives’ tale, earwigs do not lay eggs in your ear. They do not seek out ears. They are no more likely to invade your ear canal than any other bug. That being said, earwigs are one of the creepiest things to find in your home. Their rear ends have pincers, which only adds to their terrifying demeanor. They also target houseplants, which is bad news if you’re into indoor gardening. They may look like beetles at first glance, but if you see pincers with a reddish-black body, you’re dealing with earwigs.


Pavement ants – the tiny black ants you spot on your counter or near the pet food bowl – are famous for ruining picnics. And when they find their way inside, they will bring members of the colony and swarm your home, going after even the smallest of crumbs. They may be annoying, but their cousins, the carpenter ants, are far worse. Carpenter ants will carve out tunnels in floors, walls, beams, shelves, and furniture – anywhere they can find wood fibers. Contrary to popular belief, they do not eat the wood fibers, as termites do. Instead, they hollow out the wood to create space for their colony in the same way pavement ants will hollow out the heart to create space for an anthill. Despite not eating the wood, carpenter ants will certainly cause considerable damage if not controlled.


While the other bugs we’ve mentioned won’t cause you any harm, cockroaches will. You’ve probably heard jokes about cockroaches surviving nuclear fallout, and there’s some truth to that. They are great survivors. Fortunately, you can stop them before they decide to investigate your property. Once roaches are in your home, it becomes harder to eradicate them. While this isn’t something we like to think about, the reason roaches are so bad is their feces. As their population increases, so does the amount of poop, which can cause or exacerbate asthma. Many people are highly allergic to cockroaches and experience horrible symptoms like sneezing, congestion, coughing, and even rashes!

Get Perimeter Pest Control Services Near Sterling Heights

Don’t put up with gross bugs that leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own home! Enlist the help of Alpine Tree and Lawn Care! Our perimeter pest control services keep out all of the creepy bugs we discussed, plus many more! We time our visits so you’ll never have a coverage gap. Discover this vital service that thousands of Michiganders already enjoy. Call (586) 884-7799, or you can reach us via our online form.

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