Lawn Care Services in Detroit

Looking out your kitchen window every morning may seem like an escape from a stressful life, but it can be even more stressful trying to maintain the beautiful view without proper lawn maintenance. Trees, shrubs, and pests can seem like a menace when there’s no plan for how to take care of them – luckily, Alpine can take this worry off your hands! 

Unlike our other competitors who only perform basic lawn care services, Alpine Tree Care cares about your landscape, including each individual tree and shrub in your yard. We do our best to create a customized plan leaving you with no plant to worry about and no pest to bother you! 

If you want to have the yard of your dreams, our outdoor landscaping services include: 

  • Lawn Care
  • Perimeter Pest Control
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Core Aeration 

Lawn Care in Detroit

At Alpine, our expertly trained lawn care professionals will ensure your lawn is taken care of and thriving with treatments customized for exceptional care. Proven to improve the quality and overall health of your lawn, our six-step program is personalized to meet your yard’s needs. This exceptional program includes:

  • A lawn evaluation
  • Crabgrass prevention
  • Weed control
  • Granular time-released fertilizer
  • Grub control

Perimeter Pest Control in Detroit

Here in Detroit, many external factors affect our lawns, including the summer heat and the cold winter and snow. Pests can also be a problem. Pesky insects can sneak into your property, dig up your lawn, and disturb your pets. Here at Alpine Tree Care, our certified preventive pest control technicians will ensure those pests get out and stay out, even spraying the gutters and eavestroughs.

Insects we keep away include:

  • Ants, cockroaches, fleas, and earwigs. 
  • Arachnids, including spiders and ticks.
  • Centipedes and even more to keep your lawn happy.

It’s best to remember that while pests are active and outside in the warmer parts of the year, they go more dormant in warm places and may try to crowd a window or door of your home for warmth. A home must be completely sealed with no cracks to keep away those insects knocking on your window, and this is where our pest control technicians come in handy. 

Tree and Shrub Care in Detroit

When you choose Alpine Tree Care for your lawn and pest control, not only will the grass look beautiful, but your trees and shrubs will thank you too. We have a program that will ensure the trees on your lawn are kept beautiful and resilient for years to come. Our tree and shrub care program begins in the early spring and helps prevent and control damage caused by a variety of insects, including aphids, mites, scale, inchworms, tent caterpillars, and beetles

In addition, we offer several other tree care services to help sustain the health and strength of your lawn ornamentals:

  • A high-quality and properly timed leaf disease treatment to control diseases that impact your tree’s foliage.
  • Deep root fertilization – containing macronutrients and micronutrients for essential root growth.
  • Tree injections – utilized to control challenging insects providing rapid and effective results.

Core Aeration in Detroit

This is a service offered that can breathe new life into your lawn. An expert lawn services technician will help by removing plugs of deep soil to allow in more water, air, and other nutrients to keep grass looking healthy, from the root structure of your yard to the very tips of your grass. The benefits of core aeration are endless and don’t stop there. Other advantages of having your lawn aerated include:

  • A reduction in soil compaction
  • Stronger, deeper roots
  • Breakdown of thatch build-up
  • Better drainage
  • Resistance to heat and drought
  • Elimination of water runoff 

Contact Alpine Tree Care Today

With expert advice and attentive care, Alpine will make waiting for the grass to grow an activity you’ll look forward to. Choosing our care is deciding to have the healthiest grass, trees, and shrubs in the neighborhood! 

Some of the Services We Provide in Detroit

Tree & Shrub Care

Alpine Tree and Lawn Care is a professional tree and lawn care business that strives to provide the best quality and best-priced lawn care in south-east Michigan. We have twenty-five years of experience dealing with Michigan yards.

Lawn Care

At Alpine Tree and Lawn Care we have over twenty-five years of experience, caring for Michigan lawns. We have the skills and expertise to revamp and rejuvenate your yard so that it will be the star of the neighborhood.

Perimeter Pest Control

While it may be hard to control the insects outside, you can still prevent them from getting inside. Our 5-step application program helps provide an invisible shield around your house to keep annoying pests outside where they belong.

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